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Switch between miscellaneous swap directions and speeds and navigate the website to see the plugin in action.

Swap pages in a cool and functional way

Kool Swap enables impressively ajax page load support for websites. Just tell the plugin what should be switched and swap pages in a nice way!



Scripts, stylesheets and other sitewide similar elements are loaded only once. Just a small amount of data is requested via ajax.


The url changes on page switch because of the intregated html5 history API. Browsers forward and back buttons work!

Callback events

document.ready() functions can be executed with plugin triggered callback events after load or animation of the loaded contents.

Title, classes and IDs are transfered

The plugin extracts the <title> as well as <html> and <body> classes and ids and replaces them with the swapBoxIn page values.

Types and multiple instances

Use Kool Swap for sitewide functionality including history and title, class, id transfer and/or for content boxes on a page.
URL hashes are captured and browser functionality is emulated with scrollTo
Images are preloaded by default. Demo
The sitewide initialisation will only happen if the browser supports html5 history API. Links are requested with standard browser functionality and without ajax as fallback.

Good to know

Remember it's beta!

Kool Swap should someday simply work on every website also on existing sites but it was only tested by myself yet. Read more.

Sitewide support for IE < 10

Internet Explorer 10 is the first version of IE supporting pushstate. IE 9 and below will fallback to standard page call.