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Good to know

How it works

After a Kool Swap trigger click the plugin creates a temporary container (swapBoxIn) and loads the target page contents inside. It gets the coordinates of the defined swapBox to position it absolute before animating. After this the swapBox animates out and the swapBoxIn animates in. Title, HTML/BODY classes and ids of the called page will be transfered. At best there will be no HTML/CSS optimisation required.

Remeber it's beta!

Kool Swap should someday simply work on every website also on existing sites but it was only tested by myself yet. I tested it on several Websites and it worked fine but there may (better: will!) be cases were it won't work.
So please report issues.

Tips & Examples

Topic Description
Bouncing Boxes Bouncing Boxes can be faded out/in on page swap. Consider the demo boxes at the bottom of the page and how they jump if they are not faded. See an example
Section Use Use Kool Swap for sitewide functionality including history and title/class/id transfer and/or for content boxes on a page. See an example
Images Images are preloaded before the page swap by default. Set the option "preloadImages" to false if you don't need this. See an example